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Ji Anshun chemical simulation of liquid ammonia leak fire dr

Putdate:2016-01-28 16:16

Production safety emergency drills unremittingly, alarm bells ringing. In order to implement the "safety first, to prevent the" security approach, to further strengthen the safety awareness of employees, improve resilience against emergencies,, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City, Jian Shun Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2015 on February 12 in the morning 9 when the liquid ammonia leakage accident emergency drill.
At 9 am, the exercise was officially started. Ji Anshun plant inherent in the distance came the pungent odor and white smoke continuous upward straight risk and spread rapidly, staff immediately rang the alarm bell and other staff hear the sound of the bell, and immediately entered the emergency alert, in accordance with the relevant arrangements already enacted "emergency plan" and quickly formed a rescue team, also pulled cordon, notify the medical rescue team set on standby, the emergency rescue is quick, efficient and orderly, it will cause the accident of casualties, property loss and damage to the environment to a minimum. After a round of intense and orderly rescue, rescue, emergency repair work, the scene soon get control, the exercise successfully completed.
At the end of the exercise, the director of the Department of safety and technical evalsuation, summary. This exercise is of great significance, not only exercise the all staff on emergency disposal ability, strain capacity, and test the relevant departments of the factory, the emergency rescue agencies rapid response and the organization, coordination to deal with emergencies, for the future to better carry out hazardous chemicals leakage emergency rescue accumulated valuable experience!
Planning Department
February 12, 2015

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