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Jinxi contains "sincere man, reputation door, it offered mountain property", "Jiangmen Jinxi". Jiangmen Jinxi beautiful, outstanding people, many excellent chemical enterprise all originated from in this, including first-class float glass and audio-visual industry, is Jiangmen industrial blessed. Jinxi industry inspired the creation of this name, that Jinxi industry and Jiangmen Jinxi and on.
Jinxi Industrial logo color with gold and gold gradient and, golden meaning noble glory, on behalf of money, wealth, and name fit. The said Jinxi Industrial strength, with brilliant achievements and a bright future. Mark on the capital letters "G" according to the characteristics of the shape, through the design of abstract evolution, making the logo very visual impact, the overall trend of symmetry, it is stable and generous. At the same time to mark turning, steady change, more dynamic, also represents the innovative spirit of enterprise.
Jiangmen Jinxi Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinxi industry"), located in Jiangmen City, off the coast of Jinxi street community, Linxi East River, Baishuidai scenic area, South is a home in Jiangmen City registered and operating diversified industrial company, its predecessor is in 1988 Cheng Lijiang store Jinxi Trade Co., Ltd., in the late 1980s to the coal trade, chlor-alkali products trade, glass trade mainly.
In the early 1990s by China a new round of economic growth peak, expansionary economic cycle and macro economic policy influence, Jinxi Industrial consciously change operation strategy, dare was first in the world, began to contract electricity sales agency business, and there are plans to grow their own business the transport power. In the late 1990s, Jinxi industry began moving in the direction of diversification, industrial structure began to change, initially formed to chemical, glass, infrastructure and the main structure determines the basic pattern for its development. Jinxi industry put to maintain stable development as a starting point, throughout the development of the 1990s, profoundly affects their own growth process in the macro environment and the main structure changes.
A single flower does not make a spring, All flowers bloom together. spring garden. Jinxi Industrial Development in the new millennium years into the golden age, make Chinese economy of the century and together into the comprehensive, rapid industrialization stage. Goldish begin to deepen its development in the industry, increase its investment and supporting the development, in the original infrastructure is realized by introducing the technology, production and acquisition of, supporting transport multi-level and multi direction development, on three pillars derived ammonia, chlor-alkali, glass trade, glass processing, real estate, concrete six big industry, its transformation in the advantages of hardware and software for the industry advantage, even the advantage of the market as a whole.
Jinxi Industrial Trade by the agent to start, gradually turned to self. Keen market insight and timely adjusted dynamically, so Jinxi industry not only in front of the two financial crises collapsed, but had a great development. Through a series of successful industrial investment, promote Jinxi industry gradually developed into Wuyi region and South China region influential, to industry of core quality enterprises.
Entering the 21st century Jinxi industry will face the impact of the economic knowledge. At the same time, China's economy will also enter the period of adjustment, turning, change and development. Jinxi industry future to maintain a good momentum of its steady growth, to improve its market crisis prevention ability, to lay a solid foundation for sustainable development, which will be depending on the formulation of correct development strategy, depending to adapt to the changing market structure, depending to create a fair market environment. Therefore, Jinxi industry will keep pace with the times, adjust measures to local conditions, continue to play in its process of industrialization development experience and associated with the advantage of the market potential, focusing on the development of talent resources, and labor resources, the partner good assets, advanced technology and industry leading management experience, learn from each other's output, continue to release the effect of a huge development potential.
Jinxi industry will resort to in speech, reflected in the line, out of the South China, facing the country, strive to become a powerful competitive first-class enterprise in China.

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